Energy Rated Custom Homes

All Macon homes can be Energuide rated
by a "Certified Energy Advisor" (CEA).
These certified homes will have an

Macon is a proud member in good standing
with the Canadian Home Builders’

All Macon Homes are covered by the
2 - 5 - 10 Year Warranty From the
Homeowner Protection Office

All Macon Homes are covered by
Travelers Home Insurance
Welcome to Macon Construction Ltd.

Macon Construction is a One Stop Shop with a complete showroom with all the samples you need to build your custom home. This makes it extremely convenient and easy to pick all of the kitchen cabinets, counter tops, flooring, exterior siding and everything else for your complete home. We also offer free in house design consultation to help with your custom choices. With Macon's show room and expertise this makes building a new home an enjoyable experience with very little stress. So whether you are looking for a complete home that is ready to move into, or a home that is to the lockup stage that you can finish on your own, Macon has the program for you and your budget.


All Macon homes have the option to be Energuide rated by a "Certified Energy Advisor" (CEA). These homes are then registered with Natural Resources Canada with the Energuide rating which is attached to the home. This ensures that all Macon homes are built to the highest standards to achieve the most energy efficiency as we can. This adds a tremendous long term value to your home, not to mention the savings year after year.


Macon has built over 150 custom homes in the Williams Lake area in the last 15 years. With our experience and expertise Macon builds one of the best valued homes on the market today. With all of Macon's in house suppliers and trades we are able to give you a guaranteed quote with no cost over runs or extras unless you want to add or change some items.